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Research and development production and marketing health drinks, dairy products, functional food nutrition for health food series, for the domestic and foreign modern consumers with green, convenient, nutritional health food and consulting services.

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Teamwork is the core of the corporate culture.

Tob Hiring Department Release Time
鐢熶骇宸ヤ汉 鑻ュ共 鐢熶骇閮 2015.04.21
澶栬锤涓撳憳 1-2浜 璐告槗閮 2015.04.21
閿鍞笓鍛 鑻ュ共 钀ラ攢閮 2015.03.25
鐮斿彂涓撳憳 鑻ュ共 鐮斿彂閮 2015.03.25
鍝佷繚缁忕悊 1浜 鍝佷繚閮 2015.03.25
鍑虹撼鍛 1浜 璐㈠姟閮 2015.03.25